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Websites Worth A Glance

Websites Worth A Glance

Sifting through the web in search of travel deals and other travel information can be quite cumbersome.  We hope that this page can at least streamline this effort for others.  On this page we only intend to include websites that we’ve found most useful for us. We will continue to update this page throughout our travels.



Search Engines:

All too often our family and friends ask us how we find the cheapest flights and hotels. Below are a list of the search engines that we check.

Once we find the cheapest flight or hotel through these search engines, we usually go directly to the airline/hotel that the search engine finds to see if the savings are even greater.

Vayama        Expedia        Kayak


Here are a few sites that we like to browse when we’re planning a trip:

Trip Advisor – Our “go-to” site. Information on destinations, things to do, hotels, etc
Virtual Tourist – Runner Up…

Helpful Sites:

These are the sites that we’ve found most useful while planning for this trip:

Travel Independent.info – Absolutely awesome site for tips/tricks for backpacking

World Immunization Chart – A “quick and dirty” look at required immunizations

Price of Travel – Gives you an idea of how much you’ll spend a day in major cities around the World

BugBog Festivals – Calendar of Exotic Festivals around the World


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