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– Harry & Kathy (Yorktown, VA)
– Michele (VA Beach, VA)
– Mom & Dad Munch (x11) (Smithfield, VA)
– Kimberly (Fairfax, VA)
– Mom & Dad Waugh (Stafford, VA)
– Mom Waugh (x22) (Stafford, VA)
– Sherri (Chesapeake, VA)
– Crystal & Aaron (VA Beach, VA)
– Russell (Colonial Beach, VA)
– Keith H. (Hampton, VA)
– Capt Chas (Chincoteague Island, VA)
– Gee & Joy (x2) (Chesapeake, VA)
– Brother Erik (x2) (IRAQ)
– Gma Munch (x3) (New Bern, NC)
– Ted S (x3) (Amherst, NY)
– The Niblett’s (x2) (Stafford, VA)
– Sister Kelly and Buddy (Fredericksburg, VA)
– Ernie and Mary (Suffolk, VA)
– Crystal (iPhone) (VA Beach, VA)
– Sean (North Face Shoes) (Fredericksburg, VA)
– Elise (Global From Home)
– Gerald and Vanessa (Suffolk, VA)
– Dee from Georgia in Chattanooga
– Greg A (Under Armour Shoes) (Kathmandu, Nepal)
– Darren Z (Free room in Yellowstone) (Yellowstone Nat’l Park, WY)
– Shanna C (Spotsylvania, VA)
– Mark B (iPhone) (Richmond, VA)
– Jeremy (next door to us in Boracay, Philippines)


It’s people like you that help inspire us to keep this site going!




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