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Alpine Adventures


  I just love the Alps. No matter how much I travel, the area of Bavaria (Southern Germany) and Austria will always be one of my favorite spots on Earth. The snow-capped mountains are spectacular, the air is refreshingly crisp and clean, and the towns and lifestyle are so peaceful and charming. I love the white and brown Bavarian houses with the huge wooden window boxes overflowing with co...

Castles & Climbing Cliffs


Now I'm really going to date myself here but I still feel weird saying "Slovakia" and "The Czech Republic," instead of just "Czechoslovakia."  It was Czechoslovakia when I was living in Europe as a kid;  but the country split (for a second time) into two countries peacefully in 1993.  Just don't accidentally refer to their country as "Slovenia."  They don't like that very much.  If you don't ...

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