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Beautiful, Tragic Rwanda


We're currently in McLeod Ganj, India, known as "Little Tibet."  This city is where many Tibetan refugees have fled, and it's the home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.  We're learning so much about the cultural genocide that the Tibetan people have suffered since the Chinese occupation.  Since we have a little bit of free time we'd like to continue catching you up on our e...

The Road Less Traveled: Our Adventures in Northern Kenya


We definitely didn’t take the touristy route when we entered Kenya.  We didn’t realize at the time how dangerous the area was; due to tribal conflicts.  We started to get an idea that we weren’t exactly welcome by the locals when our big, bright yellow truck received glares from the tribespeople, many of whom were poised to throw rocks our way.  Just a few of them were friendly and allowe...

The Coolest Day Ever


Sometimes you have those days that remind you exactly why you gave everything up to travel.  For me, one of those days was this past January 28th in Tanzania.  The day sure didn’t start off too well when I woke up, opened my bag and realized that my new camera was broken.  But the day immediately improved from there.  During our 4-month overland trip through Africa (Cairo to Cape Town), we o...

African Animal Encounters


    It didn’t take much for Bryan to convince me to go to Africa for five months.  The promise of animals was enough – even the idea of sleeping in a tent and infrequent showers didn’t deter me.  I’m just a little totally obsessed with animals - all kinds and any kind.  And let me tell you, our wildlife experiences in Africa did not disappoint even my highest expectations! ...

Time Traveling to Ethiopia


Stepping Back in Time What images come to mind when you think about Ethiopia?  I’m ashamed to say that before this trip, when I thought of Ethiopia I immediately associated it with famine, starvation, and fast runners.  I never expected it to be such a diverse and fascinating place.  I can see why Ethiopia has so many fast runners and we did see plenty of poverty, but there’s so much mor...

AFRICA UPDATE #1 (Egypt and Sudan)


It’s hard for me to believe that our “Cairo to Cape Town” Africa overland trip is more than half way over.  By this time, I thought I’d be pricing out plane tickets home from Nairobi to bail out.  No way.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE Africa.  It’s been one travel high after another; and one of the highlights of my thirty years.  It actually makes me s...

Africa Anticipation


  Tonight will be the last time Bryan and I will be able to sleep in a bed for a very long time.  Tomorrow morning we leave Cairo and begin our four month Africa overland tour.  We will be sleeping in a tent and sleeping bags for the next four months. During our tour, we will travel south from Cairo all the way down to Cape Town, crossing through 13 different African countries (Egypt,...

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